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  • Fireworks: How Can We Helps Our Pets?

    Fireworks are a fun and exciting way to celebrate holidays and the upcoming Festive Season; but for pets, they can be terrifying, overwhelming and hazardous. Here is what your dogs experience during a firework celebration, and how you can help them: View Post
  • How To Support Active Mobility with Healthy Joints in Dogs

    Up to 40% of dogs show signs of joint sensitivity and mobility is one of pet parents top three health concerns, even more so than their pets weight. The good news is you can start helping before the trouble starts. Hill’s expertise in therapeutic nutrition has shown us that proper nutrition, even when they are young and healthy, results in the best success in supporting the joints throughout their lives, into the senior years.   View Post
  • 5 Superfoods To Add To Your Dog's Diet

    We’ve put together a few common human foods that you can add to your dog’s diet to make feeding time healthier (and a lot more fun!) View Post