• Olympic Professional Lite Low Fat Dog Biscuits (1KG) Dropawf

Olympic Professional Lite Low Fat Dog Biscuits (1KG)

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Olympic® Professional Lite Low Fat biscuits are delicious and nutritious, while containing a lower caloric value – perfect for those health-conscious pooches wanting to keep in shape. It is a great-tasting treat, with the added benefit of combating tartar build-up! Cereals, meat and animal derivatives, vitamins and minerals, chicken favouring, yeast and approved antioxidants.

Protein 14%, Moisture 10%, Crude fat 1.5%, Crude fibre 3%, Ash 10.4%, Vitamin A 181 iu, Vitamin D3  iu, Vitamin E 101 iu, Vitamin C 30 mg, Organic selenium 100 mcg, Metabolic energy 13.38 MJ