ROYAL CANIN Rottweiler Adult Dog Food

  • R 1,049.00

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The Royal Canin Rottweiler Adult Dog Food is designed exclusively for pure breed Rottweilers over 18 months. The Rottweiler has strong and broad upper and lower jaws with strong teeth meeting in a scissors bite where the lower incisors touch the inside of the upper incisors. The size, shape, and density of the Rottweiler kibble encourage the Rottweiler to chew.

Product benefits:

  • Healthy cardiac function: This formula contains specific nutrients to help support good cardiac function. Enriched in Taurine and EPA-DHA.
  • Exclusive kibble : Special Molossoid: kibble exclusively designed to make it easier for the Rottweiler to pick up and to encourage him to chew.
  • Ideal muscle mass: Rottweiler Adult contributes to maintaining muscle mass thanks to an adapted protein content. This formula also contains L-carnitine.
  • Bone & joint health: This specific formula helps support healthy bones and joints and helps maintain ideal weight. Enriched with EPA and DHA.